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The legal ins and outs of drowning accidents

Summer will soon be on its way, and with the warmer weather brings outdoor activities like boating and swimming. Safety is a concern for any person engaging in recreational activities, and water activities are no exception. An accident can tragically cut a life short, and when the accident is the result of something that should have been avoidable, it can make it seemingly even more tragic.

When another person's distraction becomes your problem

Have you ever read a book while talking on the phone? Imagine if your friend or loved one, whom you haven't spoken to in a while, calls you to catch up, but you don't want to put down the good book you're reading, so you try to keep reading while having your phone conversation. If your mind feels confused just thinking about multitasking between talking on the phone and reading a book, you're definitely not the only one to have this reaction.

Auto accidents can harm you in more ways than one

As you drive to the store one day, you may be mulling over the other errands you plan to complete as well. However, a relatively ordinary trip may quickly turn into a life-changing one if you encounter another driver who is careless behind the wheel and ends up colliding with your motor vehicle.

Is there a dangerous toy in your child's closet?

If you're like most South Dakota parents, you probably enjoy giving gifts to your children from time to time. A variety of toys may be among the gifts you've given in recent years. As a conscientious parent, when your children get new toys you no doubt help them review all the instructions and safety warnings on the packages. There's a certain amount of risk involved with all toys; however, some are far more dangerous than others are.

Which is more dangerous on the road: Fatigue or distraction?

The dangers of distracted driving are well-known. There is significant evidence to indicate that distraction of all kinds can cause serious accidents, leaving innocent people dead or seriously injured. While this is a serious issue that will continue to be a problem, it is not the only threat to South Dakota drivers.

Do you think textalyzers are a good idea?

Most South Dakota motorists are familiar with the Breathalyzer device. Police often use this blood alcohol content measuring tool to determine whether a person involved in a fatal car accident was acting under the influence of alcohol behind the wheel. Drunk driving continues to be a major problem on most of the nation's highways. However, another roadway menace that has taken many lives is texting.

Distracted driving: does eating behind the wheel count?

South Dakota drivers are well aware of the potentially deadly consequences of distracted driving. Distraction is one of the leading causes of car accidents across the United States, and while texting and phone use is one of the leading sources of this type of dangerous activity, it is certainly not the only one. In fact, there are many dangerous behaviors that drivers do every day because they do not seem risky.

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