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Do you understand your parents' estate plans?

As your parents age, you may become more aware of the fact that they will not live forever. Though coming to terms with a loved one's mortality can prove emotionally difficult and jarring, you may have to confront these feelings in order to understand your parents' end-of-life wishes.

You're executor of an estate, now what?

When it comes to dealing with an estate of a deceased individual, a substantial amount of responsibility goes to the executor. Commonly, the creator of the will names a spouse, child or other close relative to act as the executor. If someone has asked you to take on such a position, you may wonder what responsibilities that entails and what may be expected of you.

Difference between diminished capacity and coercion

Coming to terms with your parent's death is seldom an easy process. Even though you may be well into your own mid-life years and far into the journey of raising your own children, mourning your mother or father's passing is an emotional experience. If you are one of many adult children of recently deceased parents in South Dakota who are experiencing serious problems related to your mother's or father's will, such stress can complicate your grieving process.

Do you need to update your will?

Estate planning is an essential step for every individual, regardless of income level or the value of the estate. Just as a solid estate plan should reflect the needs and objectives of the individual client, it is prudent to update these plans as major life changes happen.

How can an attorney help me with probate?

Although most of us don't like to think about it, the truth is that no one lives forever. When the inevitable occurs, your assets, no matter how large or small, will need to be distributed regardless of whether or not you have a will. Even if you have a will, your assets will still pass through probate. An experienced probate attorney can assist your personal representative and/or your family members with navigating the process in South Dakota.

Protect your online identity after your death

For many years, people have understood the importance of having a will in order to protect their assets after death. The advent of the Information Age, however, has generated brand new questions, and the answers are only starting to take shape. How do you protect your digital assets and identity after death?

What Does A Personal Representative Do?

There's a theory that some people see their lives flash before their eyes before they die, but when it does happen, handling the distribution of all the things they left behind hardly comes in a flash. In most cases, there are various items to disburse, old bills to pay, taxes to take care of, final medical and funeral related expenses to address and accounts to close.

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