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Did someone's slip-up cause your slip-and-fall accident?

You are at a store one day shopping as usual. However, you find yourself standing up one second and on the floor the next due to slipping and falling. When you look more closely at the floor, you see the puddle of liquid that caused you to fall.

Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents in South Dakota can quickly turn an ordinary day to one that is unforgettable -- for all of the wrong reasons. You may find yourself with serious injuries and even have to miss work as you heal. Fortunately, you have the right to seek justice in such a situation.

Slip-and-fall accidents

A hazardous property condition is any condition that is an unexpected and unreasonable risk for people on the property. Many hazardous conditions can easily cause a person to suffer injuries in a slip-and-fall accident. These include not only a wet floor but also narrow stairs, poor lighting, a flooring change or torn carpeting. This type of accident may also occur outside due to a hidden danger, such as a pothole, snow or ice.


When it comes to proving that the owner of the property where you fell is at fault in your accident, you must be able to show the following:

  • The condition existed long enough for the property owner to have uncovered it or fixed it before the slip-and-fall accident occurred.
  • The property owner knew that the condition existed but did not correct it, which is negligent behavior.
  • The property owner somehow created the hazardous condition.

Following the accident

After suffering from an accident due to dangerous business property conditions, seeing a physician as quickly as possible is important. Even if you do not feel you suffered a serious injury, you might start experience more pain in the days following the accident. After seeing the doctor, documenting all of the steps you are taking to take care of your health can be beneficial as well.

In addition to keeping track of your medical care and appointments, you may also want to keep a record of how your injuries have affected your cognitive abilities as well as your daily routine, including your ability to complete daily tasks. You can also detail any rehabilitation efforts you have had to make because of your injuries, such as exercise and physical therapy.

All of this information may be helpful for demonstrating that the property owner caused your injury and that the injury has taken a toll on your life physically, financially and mentally. If you are successful in your pursuit of justice, you may receive monetary compensation, which may help you to address your losses resulting from the slip-and-fall accident.

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