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Do you know the top 5 causes of truck accidents?

Upwards of 80,000 pounds and 70 to 80 feet long, 18-wheelers make quite an impression on the roadways of South Dakota and elsewhere. If you are like most other motorists, you may tend to increase your speed in order to get around them quickly and may not be comfortable seeing one coming toward you in your rearview mirror.

Your instincts to be wary of these massive vehicles may not be as unfounded as you think. Accidents involving trucks often result in catastrophic injuries for people in smaller vehicles. If you end up in an accident with an 18-wheeler, you will more than likely suffer serious injuries, and your accident may be due to one of five common causes of truck accidents.

What does the law say about being a "reasonable person"?

You may not have seen the other vehicle coming. When it crashed into yours, you may have immediately felt pain or it could have taken a few days before you realized the extent of your injuries. What you do know is that you will be out of work for a significant amount of time, and the medical bills are mounting. 

In addition to dealing with your recovery, you may be dealing with the added stress that comes with the financial losses you are experiencing. You believe that the other driver caused the crash, and his or her insurance company is giving you the run-around. If you decide to take the next step and file a lawsuit, you may wonder how you will show the court that the other person's negligence caused the accident and your injuries.

The legal ins and outs of drowning accidents

Summer will soon be on its way, and with the warmer weather brings outdoor activities like boating and swimming. Safety is a concern for any person engaging in recreational activities, and water activities are no exception. An accident can tragically cut a life short, and when the accident is the result of something that should have been avoidable, it can make it seemingly even more tragic.

Sometimes a drowning incident is a pure accident and no one is to blame. Other times, one or even multiple parties could have contributed to the circumstances that resulted in an individual's drowning. Certain cases, like accidents in public pools, have been known to be caused by lack of oversight or environmental hazards.

When another person's distraction becomes your problem

Have you ever read a book while talking on the phone? Imagine if your friend or loved one, whom you haven't spoken to in a while, calls you to catch up, but you don't want to put down the good book you're reading, so you try to keep reading while having your phone conversation. If your mind feels confused just thinking about multitasking between talking on the phone and reading a book, you're definitely not the only one to have this reaction.

The same type of confusion, stress and difficulty you'd likely experience if you tried to read a book and talk on the phone at the same time is similar to what happens when those driving cars use their cell phones, text or otherwise distract their attentions away from the road. In fact, analysts say it takes approximately five seconds to glance down at a text message while driving, which is comparable to driving across an entire football field with a blindfold over your eyes.

Who is responsible for the damages after a serious dog bite?

If a dog bit you and you suffered an injury, you know that the experience can be traumatic and scary. You may have medical bills as well as pain and suffering. The injuries may have been serious enough that you missed work or spent time in the hospital.

However, you may be reluctant to file a claim to recover your damages, especially if the owner of the dog was a family member or friend. You may be worried that the cost of covering your losses could leave the dog owner in a precarious financial situation. However, many types of insurance that the dog owner is likely to carry should cover your medical and other needs. If your injury is the result of a dog owner's negligence, you are eligible for a full and fair recovery of your damages.

Bicyclists not protected by crash prevention technology

Bicycles are cost-effective modes of transportation for countless people in South Dakota. Whether traveling to work, school or for pleasure, riding a bike can be a fun, healthy way to get somewhere.

Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous. Despite laws that protect bicyclists' rights to share the road, many drivers of larger motor vehicles fail to leave enough room or pay attention to people on bicycles, which can lead to deadly results.

Don't let injuries such as whiplash break you financially

You prepared for a busy day ahead, complete with work commitments and perhaps even a child's evening soccer game. However, as you drove along a South Dakota highway, nothing could have prepared you for the fellow motorist who suddenly struck your car from behind.

Following the accident, you feel pain in one or more parts of your body. You probably experienced some of the most common injuries stemming from car accidents -- soft tissue injuries such as whiplash. Fortunately, if you have suffered an injury due to another motorist's carelessness, you have the right to seek to hold the other driver accountable.

Auto accidents can harm you in more ways than one

As you drive to the store one day, you may be mulling over the other errands you plan to complete as well. However, a relatively ordinary trip may quickly turn into a life-changing one if you encounter another driver who is careless behind the wheel and ends up colliding with your motor vehicle.

A car accident in South Dakota can have a wide range of negative consequences for you, including physical pain and financial difficulties. Fortunately, if you have suffered injuries as a victim in an auto accident, you have the right to seek justice.

An overview of retail shopping injuries

You were at a store, just picking up some shampoo or toilet paper, and then something happened and injured you. Who is at fault? Does the store owner have some duty to keep you safe from harm?

A business owner must take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of customers who are on the premises of the business. A person who becomes injured due to the negligence of a business may receive awards from damages suffered because of an accident. The store owner is responsible for maintaining a safe environment and taking steps to rectify any dangerous situations as soon as he or she becomes aware of the hazard.

Did someone's slip-up cause your slip-and-fall accident?

You are at a store one day shopping as usual. However, you find yourself standing up one second and on the floor the next due to slipping and falling. When you look more closely at the floor, you see the puddle of liquid that caused you to fall.

Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents in South Dakota can quickly turn an ordinary day to one that is unforgettable -- for all of the wrong reasons. You may find yourself with serious injuries and even have to miss work as you heal. Fortunately, you have the right to seek justice in such a situation.

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