Helping You Navigate All Probate Litigation Matters

At Wilde Law Offices, I provide litigation services for clients involved in probate and trust matters in courts throughout South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming. I am attorney Dylan Wilde, a licensed certified public accountant who offers a high level of knowledge in probate matters.

What Types Of Probate And Trust Matters End Up In Litigation?

Even when a decedent has a holographic (handwritten) will or a formal will on file, or an individual has a trust in place, the clarity of language may be open to litigation. Parties may challenge the adequacy and legitimacy of the entire will or trust, or specific components such as the inclusion or the exclusion of beneficiaries. Parties may also challenge the distribution of assets as per terms of the will or trust. Whether you are challenging or defending the provisions of a will or trust, I work hard to find a solution that will be acceptable to all parties, without the need for trial, if possible.

Probating Assets

The probate process is a useful tool to eliminate any contention regarding the beneficiaries of assets. Not all assets are required to be probated upon the death of an estate holder. My firm offers services to streamline the probate process to help your family avoid the lengthy delays that can sometimes result.

I handle all matters related to the administration of the decedent’s final affairs, including working with creditors to close out accounts and contractual obligations that may remain open. If you live out of state but have probate matters for a deceased relative in South Dakota, North Dakota, or Wyoming, I can handle the matter locally on your behalf, without requiring frequent trips to the area.

Trust Me, A Contested Wills And Trusts Attorney

My office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Weekend and evening appointments may be available by special arrangement. My fees are reasonable, and all major credit cards are accepted for your convenience.

Call my firm at 605-961-2122 or contact me by email to arrange a consultation to discuss your legal needs today.

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