Always seek medical aid after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2022 | Personal Injury

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when an illness or infection worsened because you did not seek medical attention soon enough? This type of situation is not at all uncommon in the medical industry. For instance, if strep throat goes without diagnosis and treatment right away, it can develop into a much worse condition. It is similar if you’ve been involved in a South Dakota car accident. 

Obtaining prompt medical attention is the best way to assess your health and well-being after you have been in an automobile collision. It is possible to feel ”okay” after an accident, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you do not have any injuries that require medical treatment.  

Emergency room (ER) physicians are trained to diagnose car accident injuries 

Medical teams in emergency rooms often receive incoming patients who are victims of a car accident. The average ER doctor knows what types of injuries often result from a motor vehicle collision. If an ambulance brings you to the ER and the rescue workers inform the ER team that you were in a crash, the doctor will no doubt look for injuries that are common in car accident victims. 

Such injuries are not always immediately apparent. For instance, you could have a brain injury and not be aware of it in the immediate aftermath of a collision. However, if the ER doctor knows that you hit your head or were jarred from the force of impact, he or she is likely going to order tests to rule out a brain injury.  

Seeking medical attention after a car accident creates written documentation 

When the ER checks you in after a car accident, the accident will be the reason for your visit in your medical records. All details are included from the medical assessment, particularly any injuries that the attending physician diagnoses, as well as treatments provided or recommended.  

Having this written documentation can come in handy later on, especially if your employer questions your time off work or you decide to seek financial recovery for your losses in court, if another driver’s negligence caused the accident 

Ongoing medical care is also helpful for many car accident victims 

Not only is it important to have your condition assessed by a licensed physician right after a car accident, but you may also be in need of ongoing medical treatment. Such treatments may include more than just care for physical injuries. If you have suffered intense emotional trauma, you may benefit from seeking counseling, especially from a licensed counselor who is experienced in caring for patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  

Who pays for your medical expenses? 

Even if you have good health insurance coverage, post-accident medical care can cause a financial strain. For instance, your personal expenses might increase if you are traveling back and forth to medical appointments or counseling sessions. This is one reason that South Dakota law allows recovering car accident victims to seek compensation for damages in a civil court. 


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