Don’t let injuries such as whiplash break you financially

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You prepared for a busy day ahead, complete with work commitments and perhaps even a child’s evening soccer game. However, as you drove along a South Dakota highway, nothing could have prepared you for the fellow motorist who suddenly struck your car from behind.

Following the accident, you feel pain in one or more parts of your body. You probably experienced some of the most common injuries stemming from car accidents — soft tissue injuries such as whiplash. Fortunately, if you have suffered an injury due to another motorist’s carelessness, you have the right to seek to hold the other driver accountable.

Injuries involving the soft tissue

A soft tissue injury is an injury that affects your body’s soft areas, including your muscles, ligaments and tendons. These types of injuries include the following:

  • Strains, where a tendon or muscle has been overused
  • Sprains, where a ligament is damaged because a joint has been overextended
  • Contusions, also known as bruises

These types of injuries can result in massive discomfort due to stiffness, soreness, bruising and swelling. They can quickly happen in car crashes because car occupants often end up thrown around violently during the impact.

Whiplash: the most common soft tissue injury

If you suffered whiplash in your car accident, you are one of many individuals who has experienced this trauma. A person with whiplash, also known as hyperextension injury or cervical sprain/strain, may have a sharp pain in the neck, neck stiffness and even back issues. You can suffer this type of injury if a rear-end crash causes your neck and head to move violently back and forth.

Although whiplash might not seem like a significant deal initially, the symptoms can emerge over time and lead to chronic discomfort if not treated. For your treatment, you may need to complete physical therapy, take muscle relaxants or even keep a neck brace on for an extended period of time.

Your rights following an injury accident

If you have suffered whiplash or other injuries hurt in a car accident, you have the right to seek financial compensation. Monetary compensation may help with addressing your medical bills as well as the loss of wages if you could not work for a time. It can also help to address pain and suffering resulting from your accident.


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