Is there a dangerous toy in your child’s closet?

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If you’re like most South Dakota parents, you probably enjoy giving gifts to your children from time to time. A variety of toys may be among the gifts you’ve given in recent years. As a conscientious parent, when your children get new toys you no doubt help them review all the instructions and safety warnings on the packages. There’s a certain amount of risk involved with all toys; however, some are far more dangerous than others are.

Do you know some children received popular toys some years back meant to mimic the popular CSI television series? Their parents were undoubtedly shocked to learn that the mini CSI investigation kits contained asbestos. The company took the kits off the market, but there’s no telling how many children were exposed to asbestos before officials rectified the situation.

Toys should not be dangerous by design or defect

If your child suffered injuries during the course of normal play with a toy that you purchased for him or her, you may attempt to hold parties within the manufacturing, sales and distribution chain responsible. If you’re unsure what types of toys are most dangerous, the following list includes some of the most hazardous toys ever sold:

  • Lawn darts: These toys were popular more than three or more decades ago, until they were banned because they were so dangerous. Today, there may still be toys sold with pointed tips that, when tossed or thrown, become knife-like projectiles that can cause serious injuries.
  • Remote aircraft: You may be one of many adults who enjoy using drones or other remote control planes or devices. Children, as well as adults, may suffer injuries if these items fall from the sky. One type of toy was recalled after reports were filed saying it had a tendency to explode during flight. People suffered eye lacerations, burns and deafness.
  • Card game: It’s difficult to imagine what can be dangerous about a simple card game. However, some time ago, a card game popular with pop star Hannah Montana received the unenviable label of being one of the most hazardous toys of all time after news spread that the product contained lead.
  • Bead making machine: A jewel-making machine that used water to coat the beads quickly began having adverse effects on children who used the product. Some fell into comas; others became severely ill. An investigation revealed a dangerous chemical in the product.

It’s not your job to make sure toy companies properly design, manufacture and package their products to keep those who play with them safe. In fact, when you purchase new toys for your children, you have every right to assume that those who made the toy and sold the toy have done their part to ensure your children’s safety. Even if you are careful, accidents can occur beyond your control. Parents who know ahead of time where to turn for help can seek justice on the behalves of their injured children.

A South Dakota product liability attorney knows what it takes to seek legal accountability against any party or parties deemed responsible for a product injury. You can reach out to someone in your area if you’d like to discuss a particular situation.


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