Do you think textalyzers are a good idea?

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Most South Dakota motorists are familiar with the Breathalyzer device. Police often use this blood alcohol content measuring tool to determine whether a person involved in a fatal car accident was acting under the influence of alcohol behind the wheel. Drunk driving continues to be a major problem on most of the nation’s highways. However, another roadway menace that has taken many lives is texting.

Only a few decades ago, texting while driving was not even possible. Advanced technology has allowed drivers easy access to GPS information as well as the internet and emergency services when needed. The problem is many drivers don’t safely pull off the road before using their hand-held devices.

Innovative product may help lower accident risk

A newly proposed law may be the secret to helping authorities keep travelers as safe as possible by identifying those who text while driving. Suffering the untimely death of a loved one in a fatal car accident is no doubt one of the greatest tragedies you will endure. Others may only imagine the anger and frustration that set in upon learning that your loved one’s death was entirely preventable were it not for another person’s choice to send a text message while driving.

The Textalyzer device will allow police officers easy access to drivers’ cell phone data to determine whether they may have been engaged in illegal texting activity when an accident occurred. Those who support the idea also say an implied consent system should apply to Textalyzer tests similar to the one that now exists for the Breathalyzer.

How would a texalyzer work?

If state lawmakers approve the use of the new technology, the Textalyzer would be something officers could actually attach to your cell phone. The way it would most likely work is that an officer would ask the driver suspected of texting for his or her cell phone or any hand-held device that makes texting possible. The officer will attach the Textalyzer to the device and track any recent activity.

Such situations would be treated similar to drunk driving incidents. Of course, no amount of tests available could return your loved one to you if an accident was fatal. However, a Textalyzer device could possibly help lower the number of accidents that take place in the future.

What should you do in the meantime?

Waiting for lawmakers to approve such measures does nothing to help your current situation if you lost a beloved spouse, child or parent in a fatal car accident in South Dakota. The law allows immediate family members to seek justice in civil court. While it’s difficult to think beyond the grief of such situations, it’s often necessary in order to seek help against undue financial burdens thrust upon families in mourning.

A personal injury attorney may advocate on a family’s behalf to request maximum compensation allowed for damages suffered in relation to a loved one’s death caused by another person’s negligence while driving.


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